Circle LED Screen


Circular LED screen is a fashion designed with a creative round shape that makes the brand round LED display logo sign more attractive in appearance. The double-sided cabinet will maximize the display effect. therefore, increase sales for the store owners.


As a new type of shop signboard. The circular LED screen can satisfy most logo display requirements. It’s made for displaying retail advertising. Restaurants, coffee shops, and chain stores are where the circular LED screen usually applies. Except for displaying the logo and commercial advertising. This unique round LED display screen can be used as an artistic decoration, clock, and date display.

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1, With good lightening accordance and no mosaic

2, Can play different formats of image files, flash, WAV/MIDI, a video signal from TV, a video signal from video, and other equipment

3, Different video frequency can be changed freely at the same time, and the image
can be enlarged and reduced

4, High brightness, and can be adjustable, meets the need of changing requirement of different customers

5, Uses real pixels rather than virtual pixels, better viewing effect

Fashion Design Round LED Screen​

Round LED screen is designed with a creative round shape makes the brand LED logo more attractive in appearance, The product dimension is suitable for most stores and shops. The double-sided cabinet will maximize the display effect. It will help to increase sales for the store owners.

Round LED Display

Lightweight and Convenient

Circular LED Screen

Round LED Display can be used outdoor and its size can be customized. Our Round LED display screens are highly appraised for their beautiful appearance, good presentation effect thin structure, water-proof, lightweight, reliable quality, and high installation precision features.

Easy Installation

Our circular LED screen has a thin frame and lightweight. The features enable a fast installation. The short support arm between wall mounts and round LED display. as well as the side support wings make the screen strong enough to against wind. Power cable comes out from the backside of the lower support mount. and can be easily connected to the electrical outlet.

The circular LED screen can be mounted on the wall by using expansion screws. The steel plate structure is anti-corrosion and anti-rust. which guarantees the product a wider outdoor application. Streamlined structure and easy operation make the Circle LED display more user-friendly. time, and labor-saving products.

Round LED Screen

Multiple Control Method

THE round LED display screen is not only available to be controlled by a mobile phone App, but also by computer software. Media file upload can be easily done by using Wi-Fi as well. Besides, Circle LED Screen comes with video storage capacity. supporting extra USB extending storage. The circle LED screen is a good alternative to the traditional acrylic LED Logo sign and lightbox.

Circular LED Display with Multiple Control Method

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Model P3 Outdoor LED Display

0 mm
0 /㎡
0 cd/㎡
IP 0
Weather Rating
0 W/㎡
Avg. Power Consumption
0 bits
Gray Grade
0 Hz
Refresh Rate

Physical Pitch


Pixel Configuration

SMD 1921

Pixel Density

45,511 pixels/m²

Module Dimensions (W × H) (mm)

300 x 300

Panel Diameter (mm)


NO.of Modules Per Panel (W × H)

2 x 2

Physical Resolution of Module (W × H)

64 x 64

Physical Resolution of Panel (W × H)

128 x 128

Panel Material




Gray Scale

16 bit


281 trillion

Contrast Ratio

2,000 : 1

Average Power Consumption

220 W/m²

Max Power Consumption

400 W/m²


>4,600 nits

Refresh Rate

>1,920 Hz

Viewing Angle


Expected Lifetime

100,000 Hrs



IP Rating


Scan Method

1/8 Scan

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