Fine Pitch LED Display Video Wall Panel

Fine pitch LED display video wall panel products with the features of lightweight, thin thickness, excellent display performance, seamless splicing technology, and more.

Fine Pitch LED Display Optional Cabinets

To meet the requirements of fine pitch LED display video wall panel various applications, we have developed many kinds of cabinets for high resolution LED screens.

600*337.5mm Cabinet
16:9 Ratio Fine Pitch LED Display
Die Casting Aluminum Cabinet

640*480mm Cabinet
4:3 Ratio Fine Pitch LED Screen
Die Casting Aluminum Cabinet

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Fine Pitch LED Display Video Wall Panel Features

These fine pitch LED display video wall panel products will be targeting the small pixel LED screen market. Excellent design, top quality, perfect visual performance, better color consistency. Dual Backup design for power supply and control system, front service installation to save labor and cost, and more. our latest technology promises ‘the maximum high-definition experience’ and guarantee you a flat and seamless screen with good uniformity and a true 8k, 4k display.

High Definition Fine Pitch LED Display, Bringing Perfect Visual Experience

With a cabinet ratio of 16 : 9, the LED display is bespoke in size, flexible in installation, and compatible with all the prevailing video formats,
making it easier to create FHD, 2K, 4K, and 8K video wall.

Seamless Experience

High-resolution fine pitch LED display are bezel-free and hence,
provide a seamless viewing experience.

fine pixel pitch LED display screen

High Refresh Rate And High Graysccale

Our fine pitch LED display video wall panel uses the SMD Encapsulation technology, which is with a high refresh rate of 3840 Hz and high grey grade through reliable driving IC.

LED Display high grayscale visual effect

High grayscale when low brightness, our fine pitch LED display video wall screen will restore natural and clear color.

3840HZ, playing a dynamic picture has a bigger advantage, there will be no tailing and ghosting.

Wide Viewing Angle

The fine pitch LED display video wall panel gets ≥160° in the left and right directions, and the viewing angle ≥120° degrees in the upper and lower directions. Even if the screen faces direct light, there is no reflective image.

Fine pixel pitch LED screen viewing angle

Frontal Service

The front serviceable fine pitch LED display video wall cabinet has fully described the strength of its lightweight, met the needs of small space or where the needs of the cabinet thickness are needed, enhanced the vision of the space as well as its visionary effect. It allows for easy maintenance, saving time and labor on site.

Calibration And White Balance Brightness Testing


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LED display video wall

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