Dance Floor LED Screen

Dance floor LED screen is coming up with modern society and the advancement of technology, the interactive dance floor LED Display provides a more efficient means for the stage show, which is a useful supplement to the current stage display equipment, and also provides a prospective market direction for the LED display manufacturing enterprises.

Interactive Dance Floor LED Screen

Interactive dance floor LED screen is with a built-in sensor system, it can follow the human activity to present the picture, and enhance the sense of immersion and active participation, just like opening a unique journey of interactive display magic

It is designed for the display on the ground, the special design of load-bearing, protective performance, heat dissipation performance makes it can adapt to high-intensity trampling and long time operation. Our interactive dance floor LED screen can be used both outdoors and indoors. Protection class IP65. It shows very vivid videos and animations that make your stage very eye-catching!

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Interactive Dance Floor LED Screen Features

1. Quick and flexible installation: direct installation without tools or rail mounting.

2. High load-bearing performance: aluminum alloy material structure, bearing capacity of 1.5 tons / m2 or more.

3. Excellent maintenance performance: can be directly exchanged without removing the adjacent cabinet

4. High contrast design: technical design mask, clear play effect

5. Excellent low-light and high-gray effect, showing the uniform grayscale and good consistency

High-Quality Configuration Dance Floor LED Display

Our interactive dance floor LED display modules are using high quality and high contrast Nationstar and Kinglight LED lamp, high refresh control IC, to ensure the LED dancing floor display has excellent stability, wide viewing angle, and good color consistency, which can meet the requirements of high clarity, high refresh rate, high gray, high brightness, and low failure rate. Unique spot atomization treatment for the LED eliminate the phenomenon of molars completely;

The mask is made of high-density alkaline PC material, anti-stepping, anti-scratch, anti-fire retardant,

The surface is treated with frosting technology, anti-slip, anti-scratch, and anti-glare.


We are using advanced gluing technology, with the sealing silicone rubber ring, perfect for dustproof and waterproof, and UV-resistant technology, even after years of sunlight, can still maintain the original color.

The design is without any screw holes, so it can be mopped and cleaned directly.

Dance Floor LED Display Cabinet Design

①The height of the foot is 95mm; the shortest is 55mm,

②The height from foot to screen is 150mm, can be adjusted (130-170mm),

③The height of the dance floor LED screen is 75mm.

dance floor LED
Floor LED

High Protection

High Loading Weight,

The load-bearing capacity of 2T per sqm,

Can be directly stepped on, run over by cars, high staggering shoes, etc.

Strictly waterproof, IP66 protection level,

Each dance floor LED display screen strictly waterproof tested before delivery,

The floor LED display is reliable and stable in harsh environments.

floor LED screen

Dance LED Display Installation Method

dance floor led display
Floor LED Display

Interactive Dance Floor LED Display Control System

If the dance floor LED screen does not require an interactive system,it can actually use a common control system, such as Novastar and Linsn, What we mainly consider is the load-bearing problem of the dance floor LED screen and the waterproof problem of outdoor installation. The following figure is the installation diagram of the common floor tile screen.

dance floor LED display control system

Cases Of Interactive Dance Floor LED Screen

Interactive dance floor LED display is widely used for creating a magnificent, modern scene and give people an immersive audio-visual feast. Such as weddings, parties, discos, DJ studios, night club, etc.


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