Stadium LED Perimeter Board

LED Perimeter Board is used for advertising around football stadiums, basketball courts, badminton courts, and other stadiums for sports. While enjoying the wonderful game, the advertising information is played repeatedly. It is a perfect combination of modern sports and commercial operations. At the same time, the humanized appearance design protects the personal safety of the athletes and plays a role in the design of the stadium.

Stadium LED Perimeter Board Cabinet Profile

Stadium LED

Stadium LED perimeter board advertising screen normally has Steel LED Cabinet, Aluminum LED Cabinet, and Die Casting Aluminum or Magnesium Alloy LED Cabinet.

Steel & Aluminum LED Cabinet for stadium LED perimeter board advertising screen can be customized, the cabinet size can be OEM according to the module size to fit customer’s different requests, such as 960mmx960mm,1280mmx960mm,1200mmx800mm 640mmx960mm, etc. also you can choose the pixel pitch from p2.5mm to p10mm, OEM cabinet will allow you to have more customized request realized easier, such as cables inside cabinet routed, light sensor built-in. the disadvantage of them is the weight. Steel LED Cabinet is about 60kg/m2,Aluminum LED Cabinet is about 50kg/m2.

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Stadium LED Perimeter Board Advertising Screen Features

Our sports stadium LED perimeter board is not only beautiful but also easy to install and very convenient to disassemble. There are many features as following.

1. Ultra-light
Diecasting Mag alloy density is 2/3 of Alloy and 1/4 of steel, which makes the cabinet more lightweight compare to
same size of steel and Aluminum cabinet.Its specific strength and stiffness and also better than steel and aluminum alloy.

Easy to shape up a product by, magnesium alloy, which can make high-end, thin products and make the cabinet thickness thinner.

3.Excellent vibration absorption
For example, in stress level 35MPa, Magnesium alloy AZ91D attenuation coefficient is 25%, the Aluminum alloy is only 1%in stress level 100MPa, Magnesium alloy AZ91D, AM60, AS41 is 53%,72% and70%, Aluminum alloy A380 is only 4%. Magnesium alloy is good for noise reduction.

4.Dimension stable
Temperature and time variation has less effect on the instability of Magnesium alloy diecasting product, which have higher precision after CNC process.

5.Excellent heat dissipation
Fasting cooling–excellent heat dissipation performance to protect the modular circuit.

6.Excellent heat property
Compare to other materials, Magnesium alloy heave better radiation protection and anti-interference capacity, make sure the screen works well.


7.High universality
Can be processed according to module drawing, used for outdoor and indoor

High Refresh Rate And High Grayscale

Our stadium LED perimeter board advertising screen uses the SMD Encapsulation technology, which is with a high refresh rate, and there is no flicker during the live switch.

LED Display high grayscale visual effect

Up to 3800Hz refresh rate, without the phenomenon of drag and flicker under the shooting conditions of professional cameras and cameras of 1/2800 seconds, which ensures a fine high-definition display screen. to ensure ultra-high-definition image quality。

Optical Fiber Transmission

Adopted an efficient optical fiber transmission control system to avoid signal attenuation during live broadcast lead to delay of the live broadcast picture.

Stadium LED Perimeter Board

Wide Viewing Angle

The stadium LED perimeter board advertising screen gets ≥160° in the left and right directions, and the viewing angle ≥120° degrees in the upper and lower directions. Even if the screen faces direct light, there is no reflective image.

Fine pixel pitch LED screen viewing angle

Calibration And White Balance Brightness Testing


Stadium LED Perimeter Board Cabinet Design

Stadium LED perimeter board advertising screen needs more protection, such as soft masks and pillowcases to protect not only the screen but also the athletes or spectators who hit the LED screen.

LED Perimeter Board Cabinet Detail
LED Perimeter Board Cabinet protection
LED Perimeter Board Football Stadium
LED Perimeter Board Cabinet Quick Splicing

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Stadium Perimeter LED Screen Diagram

stadium perimeter LED display diagram solution

Package And Transportation

rental led displays packing and shipping

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