LED advertising screens including indoor LED advertising screens and outdoor LED advertising screens. As a new form of media advertising, LED advertising also relies on visual images to spread information and attract audiences’ desire to buy through image expressions. Advertisers aim at different customer groups and put suitable LED display screens in different spaces to maximize the effect of advertising, which also makes the visual communication form of LED advertising colorful.

Outdoor LED Advertising Screen

Outdoor LED advertising screen, as the new favorite of outdoor display advertising media, is widely used in finance, taxation, industry and commerce, post and telecommunications, sports, advertising, factories and mining enterprises, transportation, education systems, stations, terminals, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, Stock market, the construction market, auction house, industrial enterprise management, and other public places. Has media display, information release, traffic guidance, creative display, and other purposes.

Outdoor LED advertising screens are ranged from P2.5mm, P3mm, P4mm, P5mm, P6mm, P6.67mm, P8mm, P10mm, P16mm. The LED displays are designed with high brightness and IP65 waterproof features. They can deliver vivid images and excellent visual experience even under strong direct sunlight. In addition, the LED display size can be customized according to the requirement of customers. For special application limit. Our outdoor advertising LED display can be designed with frontal service so customers can maintain the LED display in front of the LED screen, not only save time but also save labor.

Indoor LED Advertising Screen

Indoor advertising LED displays are designed with high resolution, high contrast, and high refresh rate to ensure LED display offering a clear image and visual effect even it is viewed in a short distance. The LED displays are available in P1.875mm, P2mm, P2.5mm, P3mm, P4mm, P5mm. The LED display dimension and shape can be user-defined. In addition, Our indoor LED advertising screen can also use a front-maintenance way to design the whole cabinet if there is no much spare room indoors.

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LED Advertising Screen Features

1, Wide viewing angle to attract viewers.

2, Energy-saving to reduce the power consumption and save cost.

3, Long life span to ensure LED display can work well more than 10 years.

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LED Advertising Screen Diagram

We adapt professional control systems such as LINSN, NOVASTAR, or others to control the LED advertising screens. Pixel-by-pixel brightness and color calibration technology to ensure the LED display with outstanding and uniform color. With the unique latest monitoring technique the brightness, temperature and LED display working status can be easily monitored on time. Remote network control is available to control the LED display in other cities. the LED display content can be changed and the power can be turned on or off via a remote network. In addition, we use the dual backup control system to ensure the LED display can work well continually when one control system falls down for unknown reasons, the other control system can take over control.

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