Pole Advertising LED Display

Pole advertising LED display is a special LED display product which is mainly installed along with a street light pole, it is can be controlled by 3G/4G, LAN, WIFI, phone, so that the programs can be updated remotely and centrally.

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The street light Lamppost LED display is integrated with the feature of high brightness, waterproof, dustproof, fast installing, convenient maintenance, cluster management controlled. Although its size is much smaller than a big LED screen, the smart light pole LED display has been more and more widely used for its unique advantages and characteristics in information publishing, advertised display, information collection, road condition broadcast, traffic guidance, lighting city, and more. Our smart light lamppost LED display board has many features as following:

Remote ManagementRemote cluster control, no need to operate on the spot
Multi-display SynchronizationMultiple LED displays play the same content at the same time, enhance the advertising effect.
Brightness AdjustmentAutomatic brightness or timing brightness adjustment, high brightness during the day, low brightness at night, make energy-saving possible.
Environment MonitorSupport wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, PM2.5, noise, and other real-time environmental monitoring.
High ResolutionThe street light pole LED display is designed for further distance viewing, but nowadays small pixel screen became the new trend, with those fine pixel pitches such as P2.5/P3/ P3.91/P4/ P4.81/P5, it becomes suitable and fantastic for closer viewing. No granular sensation and clear in the image.
Stable and High Waterproof LevelTo make it resist the outdoor worn and erosion, glue filling is strictly required in producing, to make it resist water erosion in heavy rain or storm, also performs better in fast radiate.
Energy SavingMatch with the new energy-saving tech, allocate the energy save driving IC, change the power supply into a common cathode type (4.2V lower voltage driving), the display could save around 30%-45% electricity. Also, the intelligent power-off control mode could satisfy your 7×24 hours energy-saving request.
Size CustomizedAccording to customers’ needs and expectations, we could provide possible solutions and design plans as reasonably and suitable as we could. The cabinet size can be customized and adjustable, could be made bigger or smaller all as your wish.

Brightness Adjustable

Our street light pole LED poster is configured with automatic brightness or timing brightness adjustment, high brightness during the day, low brightness at night, make energy-saving possible.

LED display board

Multi Control Mode

Our street light LED display supports multi connections with 3G, 4G, WIFI, LAN, phone control as well as cluster control available. With the cluster control, you can publish the programs to all lamppost LED displays in your office of your city at one time without updating one by one. Also, you can locate each lamppost LED pole advertising display in the cloud cluster system to check the status of each street light led display easily.

Light pole advertising

Multi Installation Way

Our street light lamppost LED display board supports multi installation with side hanging installation, middle hanging installation, roof hanging installation, mounting installation available. Each installation is very easy and fast, 2-3 persons can finish the installation in a few minutes easily, save time and cost greatly.

advertising LED display

Wide Viewing Angle

The lamppost LED pole advertising display SMD screen gets ≥120° in all directions. Even if the SMD screen faces direct light, there is no reflective image.

LED Displays wide viewing angle

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Fixed Installation LED Display High Quality with 3 Years Warranty

Complete Screen Replacement Plan

During our warranty time, If either of the below 3 standards lower than our guarantee, A brand-new screen will be replaced for you.

A. white balance & color consistency ≥80%
B. blind spot rate ≤3‰
C. brightness ≥4000 nits

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