In 2019, LED Display China Industry Data Inventory!

LED display China

Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display China

It is estimated that by 2020,  fine pitch LED display China market is expected to reach 17 billion yuan, or 22.4% of the Market penetration in LED displays, accelerating the spread of LED display technology to indoor applications.

Mini LED Display China

The Global Market for Mini leds was about 520 million yuan in 2018, according to research data. In 2019, the Mini LED market will exceed 5.5 billion yuan in 2020, with each major manufacturer releasing its Mini LED products one after another and gradually penetrating the market of e-sports, notebook, mobile phone, TV and car.

Micro LED Display China

Micro LED will be the product better than Mini LED in the future.

Commercial Display

Data shows that the development of the commercial display industry in mainland China has entered a fast lane. The total market size of the business display industry reached 74.5 billion yuan in 2018, up 32.2 percent year-on-year. The market size is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan in 2020. Business Show market is ushered in the Golden Decade of rapid development.

Transparent Screen

By 2025, according to forecasters, the transparent screen market will be worth about $87.2 billion. In 2019, the market for transparent LED screens continued to heat up as technology and applications improved.

Smart City

SMART cities are becoming new investment hotspots. IDC’s half-yearly Global Smart City spending guide predicts that the 2023 will spend $189.46 billion on smart city technology and the Chinese market will reach $38.92 billion.

Landscape Lighting

Through Policy Promotion, scientific and technological innovation and market practice in 2019, the night economy is emerging as a new force driving a new round of consumption upgrading. Data show that the national landscape lighting market alone was about 93.57 billion yuan in 2018, and the market is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan in 2019.

Ultra High Definition Industry

With the approach of 5G commercial use, technological breakthroughs in panel, chip and terminal display products, as well as the continuous optimization of local policy environment, China’s ultra-high-definition video market maintained high-speed growth in 2018,28.3% year-on-year growth rate, the overall market size reached 163.66 billion yuan. Experts believe that China’s ultra high definition video market will reach 432.18 billion yuan.

LED Package

According to relevant analysis, China’s LED packaging market is still not optimistic due to the impact of sino-us Trade and import and export environment in 2019. It is estimated that the size of the LED packaging market is about 72 billion yuan, and the internal demand of the mainland market will become the main driving force for growth.

PCB Industry

From the market, as one of the world’s major CCL exporters, China’s CCL production capacity and output development in 2018 is relatively stable. In 2019, the explosion of 5G may further stimulate demand in the PCB industry. The global PCB market reached $63.55 billion in 2018, according to agency data, and the industry’s overall growth rate was 6 percent. In 2018, mainland China PCB production value was 32.6 billion US dollars, the market share accounted for 51.30% , and the market share in recent years is still steadily increasing, the next five years compound growth rate will reach 3.2% , a stable leading position.

In 2019, although LED display China industry experienced waves, but these “data” also for the next development of screen enterprises bring more hope.


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