Transparent LED Display

7 Tips To Check The Quality of Transparent LED Display


7 Tips To Check The Quality of Transparent LED Display

Transparent LED Display

Transparent LED display screen manufacturers have been from very few to now everywhere, how to judge transparent LED display screen quality good or bad? Is it true that it is said that the mass of a box can be roughly judged by its appearance?

So far, a lot of the transparent LED display panel produced by the manufacturers are very similar, even if the appearance is different, the construction principle is the same, circuit board, lamp beads, wire, etc. . How to use our eye to find a good transparent LED display, the following suggestions might be helpful for you.

Transparent LED Display Brightness Comparison

The acrylic plate close to the same number of modules and then slowly increase a small distance, this time to see whether the light bead brightness can meet their requirements. Of course, the module directly placed in the word more directly, the higher the brightness of the light bead requirements are higher, cost is also relatively high. Pure indoor environment using low-brightness can be enough, but if it is the transparent LED window display or LED glass wall screen, then the requirement should use the high-brightness transparent LED screen.

Transparent LED Display Color Difference​

While viewing the luminance, notice the uniformity of light in the beads. When viewing the white light, be sure to notice the color difference, which is very important, so you have to use a certain thickness of acrylic. Color difference is the most important part to distinguish the quality of the transparent LED display screen is one of the main reasons for the price difference.

Transparent LED Display Wire Identification

High-quality wire, through UL certification, these through the transparent LED display screen manufacturer description is not reliable, so the most direct way is to peel off the outer skin, count the number of cores inside! Modules with 15,17,19 cores or even 20 or 30 cores should be no worse than those with 14 or 11 cores, and vice versa.

The LED Lamp Temperature Of Transparent LED Display

After a period of time, touch the LED light with your hand, the temperature is very high or even hot hand is certainly not as low temperature stability.

Solder Joint Quality Of Transparent LED Screen

Solder joint full proof of good welding process, high brightness proof of good use of solder; serious is virtual welding, prone to poor contact, follow-up maintenance trouble

The Transparent LED Screen Pastes The Light Way

At present the transparent LED screen has two kinds of manufacture way, one kind is the normal light, one kind is the side light. Although the side luminous permeability is relatively high, but the light bead packaging technology to be tested in the market, and the light is the traditional LED display light bead, after market testing, quality is stable.

Transparent LED Screen PCB Thickness​

If the PCB is thick, it will affect the permeability of the transparent LED screen.

I hope the tips above could you be more professional and know more about the transparent LED display screen quality factors, and help you find a reliable transparent LED screen supplier in China.

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